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The Botanical Boy Episode 2: Dorian the Begonia

We're onto episode 2 of the series! The Botanical Boy has chosen the fuzzy little Begonia that has been sitting in our bathroom for a couple months now. 

CM: Why is the Begonia up next?

BB (aka JB): She's been struggling. Yesterday I chose a plant that was really vibrant. Today I decided to shed light on a plant that's not doing so well. Poor Dorian.

CM: Why did you choose the name Dorian?

BB: Again, first thing that came into my head. Naming them is hard! I have no real reason.

CM: Tell me more about the Begonia.

BB: I talked to the guy who I bought the Begonia from at the farmer's market about why it might be struggling, and he asked me if I had it indoors, I said, "I only have indoors." He said you could either have it in a shady spot outdoors or a north-facing window, which isn't very good for us because our apartment is on the southwest side of our building. So I gave it the coolest and sunniest place I could, which is on our bedside table.

Thanks Botanical Boy! Now we all know how to not kill a Begonia masoniana. Place it in sunny spot that's not too hot... like below! 

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