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Introducing The Botanical Boy Series. Episode 1: Molly the Monstera


I've been wanting to push myself to do a photo series for what seems like forever, and thanks to this lovely idea thought up by Stephanie Brennan, (she also gets credit for the title) I finally said "Yes. Imma do it."

So friends, meet The Botanical Boy.... AKA my boyfriend Jamie Booth.

Throughout the past year, Jamie has formed quite an obsession with house plants. So much so that our small 1-bedroom apartment is slowly turning into a jungle. I don't mind it though. I've grown to love the greenery surrounding us. All the plants definitely put a smile on my face every day. It's like they're all my little friends! 

I asked Jamie why he grew to love these green specimens so much (please read in a Scottish accent):

"I come from a green-fingered family. My Grandma and Granda loved plants, so I do what I can in an apartment with no garden. They had a wee hoose and I have a wee hoose, filled with plants."

With all that being said, I decided to take a photo of Jamie every day with each of his house plants. We've lost count how many there are at this point, but I am guessing that this will probably go on for a month (yes there may be 30 plants in my apartment). I've asked him to name each plant along the way and tell me a little story about them, too. 

So, which plant is up first you ask? Molly the Monstera. I asked him why he chose the Monstera first and why he named her Molly. He said:

"I chose her because she looks very pretty. I just repotted her, so she's looking especially vibrant. And... I chose the name because you put me on the spot and asked me to choose a name. That's the first thing that popped up in my mind. Maybe it was because you were out with Molly last night. That's probably why."

So basically if you hang out with me enough, maybe you'll be named after one of our plants...

Let's see what The Botanical Boy selects next... stay tuned!

- Molly Pennette, this plant was named after you. Feel special. 
- Stephanie Brennan, thanks for the idea. I'm already having a blast.
- Comments are encouraged. Tell me what you think of the series!

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