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The Botanical Boy Episode 16: Peace Lily

And now, the noble Peace Lily marks the end of the Botanical Boy series. You are probably wondering, why the Peace Lily? Well, she was our very first house plant. We've had her for about 3 years now, and most certainly intend to keep her forever! 

She used to flower, but in her old age she's stopped even after we have repotted and resoiled her. If any of you have any tips for getting the lovely Peace Lily to flower again, please leave suggestions in the comments! 

She's still a beautiful little thing, and sits in our bedroom in a direct line of sight from our bed. She deserves that throne. 

CM: Ah, the peace lily, Our little first born. How's she doing?

BB: She has definitely seen better days. She is the evidence of my learning to care for plants. She got a bunch of brown tips on the leaves back in the day. She never flowers. But we still love here all the same.

CM: Do you think she hasn't flowered because of old age?

BB: I'm honestly not sure. Maybe a lack of fertilizer and light. Someone help me.

CM: How long do you think we can keep her for? I hope forever.

BB: She will definitely out live us.

CM: Will she always be your #1 lady? 

BB: She is the OG. Of course.

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