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The Botanical Boy Episode 15: The Fern and Polka Dot Plant

Grouping these two together because... they are our two hanging plants that hang above our bed! It's like they're two peas in a pod, really. Special little friends we call them. 

The hanging plants don't get too much light, though. So we've been struggling with keeping some of these alive. Jamie will tell you more! Also, tomorrow is the last episode of the Botanical Boy series. Can you believe it? Me neither. 


CM: This guy could totally be made into a wig, don't you think?

BB: He does just fine as a plant.

CM: Why did you want to hang this one?

BB:  Likely because something else that was hanging died, and so I bought the fern and put it in there. These pots really are cursed.

CM: Are you afraid it will fall on your face?

BB: I try not to think about it.


CM: Is this plant a form of ivy? Looks like it to me!

BB: Nope, not an ivy.

CM: What gives it the lovely pink polka dots? 

BB: I'm not sure, but apparently to keep the leaves pink you need to give it a lot of light. This may be where mine is having trouble.

CM: Why did you want to hang this one?

BB: It was already grown to hang. The long section almost touches my face as I sleep. This could cause issues in the future.

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