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The Botanical Boy Episode 14: Elephant's Ear

Elephant's Ear! What a cute name. I love this plant. I was sad when we initially got it because it started wilting fast, but the Botanical Boy came to the rescue! He repotted the guy and now he is ever so cheery.

CM: I love this plant. Tell me your favorite thing about him.

BB: He is a good listener and he never forgets what you tell him. *sarcastic symbol*

CM: Why is he in the bathroom? Does it do well with humidity?

BB: He craves the high humidity so the bathroom is a good spot for him. He wasn't doing great after I bought him, but I realized he was completely root bound. Repotted him and now he is ripped as fuck.

CM: What's one interesting fact you found out about this plant while researching it?

BB: Found out these are the guys that produce taro root. Who knew?

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