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The Botanical Boy Episode 12: Devil's Ivy

The Botanical Boy sure was devilish today. So devilish and grumpy that I had him pose next to the Devil's ivy. Wondering what its Latin name is? Pothos. Neon pothos, more specifically. Yes, according to Jamie this plant belongs in raves. It practically glows in the dark. 

CM: This plant is so neon! Is that what drew you to it?

BB: Yes. It belongs at a rave.

CM: Why is it placed on the bookshelf?

BB: Kept trying to play trance on the Sonos when I had it other places.

CM: Funny. Do you think the devil's ivy likes reading devilish books, like Sex at Dawn?

BB: Shite question.

CM: Wow, RUDE. Is your goal to get it to spill onto the floor?

BB: That's the only way to reach true enlightenment.

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