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The Botanical Boy Episode 11: Echinopsis terscheckii

Yeah, Echinopsis terscheckii. Don't even get me started on pronouncing it... I really have no idea how. In normal terms, this plant is also commonly known as the cardon grande cactus, and is a native plant to South America. Who knew!

CM: Ok tell me the truth. Cactus or Succulent? Choose one.

BB: Cactus

CM: What drew you to this particular cactus?

BB: I can't even remember buying it.

CM: I know you have a love for cacti, does that mean you have a love for the desert, too?

BB: My love for the desert comes naturally, given my Scottish heritage.

CM: If so, what is it about the desert landscape you love?

BB: I really love a good mirage.

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