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The Botanical Boy Episode 10: Corn Plant

WOW. We are on to episode 10. Crazy. I don't even feel like we are halfway done to be honest. 

Well, seeing as how I missed yesterday (whoops, it was inevitable) that means you get a GIF / mini movie of Jamie's moves today to the one and only Corn Plant. 

CM: Did this plant just make you wanna bust a move?

BB: This guy is a personal favorite. Worthy of some moves.

CM: Was it this big when we bought it? I can't remember. I feel like it's growing a lot. 

BB: The accumulation of plants blends in to one at this point.

CM: It's very lively and green. What's your secret?

BB: Seems to be nice level of light for this guy by the bedroom window. Nice and bright but not direct.

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