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The Botanical Boy Episode 9: Bear's Paw

What a cute name! Bear's Paw. I suppose it does look like a wee paw (I'm starting to talk like Jamie now...).

Let's see what he has to say about the paw dude.

BB: This guy is Cotyledon tomentosa or Bear’s Paw!

CM: This pot is so cool. Would you even call it a pot? Is it for plants?

BB: When our neighbors were moving out they gave me a bunch of these for free. I presume its for plants. They kind of remind me a bit of coconuts when they carve them for those fancy tiki cocktails.

CM: I like that this dude is a bit fuzzy. Do you know why it's fuzzy?

BB: Otherwise the bear's feet would get cold?

CM: It seems that you are interested in little succulents. Why?

BB: ...because they are cheaper than big ones.

CM: Do you tend to admire this plant as you are on the couch, since he is in your line of sight?

BB: This guy is pretty small. I have to make an effort to appreciate him.

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