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The Botanical Boy Episode 8: Prayer Plant

Tomorrow is a holy day. It is only fitting that we chose the Prayer Plant today, just in time for Easter.

This photo is more special because I caught Jamie repotting this guy this morning, and snapped some action shots. Now he is healthy and ready for Easter Sunday! Read more about why it's called a Prayer Plant:

CM: First off, the name is amazing. I know why it's called that but maybe you can explain it to our friends?

BB: In the day time the leaves drop down to get sun, then at night they close up to protect it from the cold.

CM: What's your favorite characteristic of this plant?

BB: I enjoy the markings on the top side of the leaf and the contrast to the deep purple underneath.

CM: Why did you place it so high on the shelf? is it because it is ever so holy?

BB: Yep. A little shrine.

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