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The Botanical Boy Episode 7: Fiddle Leaf Fig

I call the Fiddle Leaf Fig the plant of millennials. Why? Because I am rather sure I have seen this guy around all sorts of blogs, interior design sites... you name it. Well the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a good lookin' lady. Her leaves are so big, it's full of secrets... 

Jamie has not just one Fiddle Leaf Fig, but two! One is a wee baby. Hehe.

CM: Do you think this is the plant for millennials?

BB: Clearly. It's the epitome of greenery ™ 

CM: Why did you decide to get a baby fiddle leaf fig?

BB: I wanted to see how quickly it would grow. I definitely need to upgrade the supporting cane though. It's getting a bit top heavy.

CM: What's your favorite characteristic of this plant?

BB: It's a good listener.

CM: Do you know why it's called a fiddle leaf fig?

BB: Nae idea.

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