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The Botanical Boy Episode 5: Paddle Plant

This guy is slightly new to the family. He sits right on the coffee table, so he enjoys watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver with us. 

The common name is "paddle plant" and the Latin name is something quite hard to pronounce,  Kalanchoe luciae. Yeah, say that three times fast.

CM: So, is this guy a succulent?

BB: Yep, succulent and juicy.

CM: It kind of reminds me of flapjacks. What do the leaves remind you of?

BB: I think flapjacks are different in the UK. This looks nothing like a British flapjack. The leaves remind me of paddles. When I was trying to find out the name for you, I googled 'succulent with paddle leaves'. Turns out it is called a paddle plant.

CM: Why does this plant deserve such a prime location (center of the coffee table)?

BB: I like this guy a lot, particularly the contrast of the red tips and the blue pot - which I must thank our friends Justin and Jane for.

CM: Can you name this one? PLEASE.

BB: No.

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