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The Botanical Boy Episode 4: The Rubber Plant

It's on to the rubber plant! This is one of our faves. Why? Well, The Botanical Boy will tell you. He decided to get goofy today. This is more like his usual self...

CM: What's the proper name for this guy?

BB: Disclaimer: not an expert, I wiki everything. Fiscus elastica. Within this species they can look pretty different though. Ours has the variegated leaves - I think it is the 'tricolor' variety based on a bit of research. I would also like to get a 'black prince' one, which has really dark leaves.

CM: I hear he was your first large house plant purchase, is that true?

BB: People are going to start to think we don't live together. Yes.

CM: LOL. What made you choose this one at the nursery?

BB: I would like to say it was the eye-catching colors, but more than likely it was a panic buy after you complained that I was taking too long.

CM: The leaves look painted on! Do you know what gives this plant that aesthetic?

BB: Mother nature's paintbru - Na, just selective breeding of plants which had these markings, I think.

CM: Is it hard to take care of such a big guy?

BB: When I first got this guy, a bunch of the lower leaves developed brown dry spots. I think it was either because I misted him too much, or because of low light in our old apartment. He has been pretty chill since. Not much new growth but he may need repotted.

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