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The Botanical Boy Episode 3: Old Man Cactus

Let me start off this post by saying that The Botanical Boy is not keen on naming the plants anymore. I get it. I mean, they already have names, (two actually, latin + common) so we're going to stick to OG names unless Jamie feels oh so compelled to name one. 

With that out of the way, let's move on to the old man cactus! This guy sits on our kitchen table. We enjoy is presence every morning with our cup of coffee.

CM: What's so special about this plant?

BB: I guess the idea is that the fur disguises the spikes on the old man cactus, but our guy is particularly obnoxious and doesn't play by the rules.

CM: Do you feel that he is your kindred spirit?

BB: No, as per the point above. I think I am pretty understated in comparison to the crazy old man.

CM: Do you enjoy staring at him every morning while you have your coffee? 

BB: Everything is better with coffee. Especially the appreciation of house plants.

CM: Has he ever poked you before? Did you get mad at him?

BB: If he has, that would be my bad.

CM: Are there larger versions of the old man cactus? If so, do you hope to get a big one in the future?

BB: I think they are coming out with a new version soon, which is larger. Old man cactus plus I think it is called.

According to wikipedia they can get to 20 meters tall. I don't reckon our guy's mason jar is going to permit that kind of growth, though. Also, apparently the cactus may not flower until it is 10-20 years old. So we have some nurturing to do.

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