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UK Photo Diary Part 1

Part 1 of 2 UK photo diary is here! Spoiler alert: my next photo diary will be black & white : O! Very excited to see how those turn out. 

I've been to the UK (Scotland specifically) many a-times, but this one was special because my family came along with me! We did a lot in just ten short days. First, we toured around Edinburgh and saw a lovely town nearby called Linlithgow. If you ever stumble upon Linlithgow, be sure to eat at Brodie's. It is the most delicious (and adorable) tea room I ever did see. We also saw the Kelpies in Edinburgh (see large horse statue coming out of my brother's head above) which were new! After our 3-day tour of Edinburgh, we headed to Glasgow and Newcastle... photos to come! 

Then, as you can see we headed to London. We toured the sites, saw the lovely Tate Modern, took an amazing tour inside the Emirates (Arsenal) Stadium, and had the best Indian food I've ever eaten. I need that again. Still dreaming of it, man oh man. Also, traveling has made me have the travel bug even more. Is this a thing? Please let me know I'm not going crazy. 

Stay tuned for part 2!