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Southern + Northern California

Sometimes I'm not sure why the two are at odds with each other. Both are beautiful and inspiring in different ways. We should be ecstatic that we have so many amazing cities in our wonderful state!

These photos were extremely fun to take. I got to take out my aunt's 80's Minolta x-700 for a spin. Although film and developing film is expensive, there is something so satisfying about using a film camera. The manual settings, real "click" sound of the camera, and the excitement when you open the envelope that reveals your photos. The memories are closer to my heart! I have to think once or twice about when we took a certain photo or where it was taken. 

Some of these shots were taken with expired film (which is always fun) so there are pretty glorious all natural light leaks happening. Enjoy my Los Angeles + San Francisco film photo diary below!

photos taken by me & Jamie Booth.