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Asian Fusion Sweet Potato Salad

Have you ever just start craving something so badly that all of a sudden you dream up different flavor combinations in your mind and then set out to create it? I'm no professional chef mind you, but I really had these two things on my mind: sweet potato and an Asian inspired dressing. So, I ventured off to Pinterest where of course, voilà there were a myriad of recipes ready to fulfill my cravings.

I changed the recipe up and added sugar snap peas instead of edamame and ditched the purple cabbage, but my oh my was this recipe magical. You can see the full ingredient list and step-by-step here (thanks BLDG 25 Blog). And naturally I had to photograph it because 1. I had not blogged in a while, 2. the colors were absolutely gorgeous and 3. I bought some pretty Gerber daisies this afternoon and thought they needed a close-up.