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Reflection & Resolutions

It's that time again. 2014 is long gone and we are officially eight days into 2015. Crazy isn't it? When I think back to how I spent my New Year's Eve last year it seems like ages ago, but then again 2014 seems to have gone by in a flash. 

I know resolution posts have been trickling around, but they are hard not to write! I think it's essential to not just write a post about your New Year Resolutions, but also reflect back on your year to hone in on what you did well, what you want to continue to do well on, and things you would like to change. 

So with that being said, here are my reflections of 2014:

1. Starting this blog. I'm proud of myself for finally getting the blog I want going, and sticking with it! Although I must admit at times I fell off the grid for a few weeks, at least I came back! It's been nice looking back and reading all my previous posts and figuring out how I want to improve the blog for the future.

2. Going on adventures. I had a lot of adventures in 2014, from Coachella to San Diego to Las Vegas, they all made lasting memories.

3. Creating more. I've realized that when I create, I feel good and have a smile on my face.

PC: Pinterest, unknown                                                                                      PC:

PC: Pinterest, unknown                                                                                      PC:

And now, for the resolutions

1. Consistency with the blog. I am hoping to post 4 times per week and have more style entries (at least once, hopefully twice) every week as well as music posts and general photography of my daily adventures.

2. Continue the adventures! I will happily say that my first adventure is just in a short couple weeks, I am headed to Denver, CO for the first time! I am also hoping to plan a trip to Europe in June with my Mom. Excitement!

3. Learn to create with different mediums. I started doing some photography and videography last year, and now I want to learn even more. I asked our art director at the office where I work to start teaching me some lettering techniques. I've never considered myself as talented when drawing, (actually, I think I am pretty horrific) but our art director assured me practice makes perfect. Lessons start soon, wish me luck!



Ever since graduating for college, I feel like I have learned so much and I am so grateful for that these past couple years. I have Oniracom to thank and my boyfriend for putting up with me! I can't wait for what 2015 has in store.

PC: Pinterest, unknown

PC: Pinterest, unknown

What are some of your reflections of the past year and resolutions for the new year? Tell me in the comments below!