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Weekend Trip: Denver, CO

Oh my! Denver, you were quite charming. I loved your cold, crisp weather that had absolutely NO wind and endless rays of sunshine. I loved how friendly you were and how outdoors-y everyone seemed. I loved the copious amounts of good food there was on every corner. I loved the quaint little neighborhoods of Sunnyside and Highlands. I loved how getting deep into the city life was only a short walk away from these cute little areas. And boy, did I LOVE your beer! Falling Rock Tap House was a dream come true. Total dive bar turned into hip beer lounge. I was finally able to try Pliny the Elder. After all of these years! It was as tasty as I had imagined.

But what was tastier you say? I only had the BEST tacos I've ever had in my life at Comdia. Once a food truck, and now they've opened tons of sit-in eateries in Downtown Denver. I ate my two tacos and tostada so fast I almost cried when the last bite went down into my belly. It was that good. Oh and did I mention Denver has the most beautiful Union Station known to manKIND?! Yes, see below. They sure do.

And guys guys.... the beer. I mean, THE BEER. I love beer, but not as much as my boyfriend loves beer. He is a complete connoisseur and he was totally fanboying while he was visiting all of his favorite breweries round Denver. Crooked Stave, (home to so many sour beers, YUM) Great Divide, Wynkoop, and as I mentioned, the legendary Falling Rock Tap House. Wowza. I mean, WOWZA.

Another highlight was walking down Larmier Square, which consisted of cute boutiques and eateries (of course). I had a sandwich the size of my body at The Market. It was a deli/bakery/coffee shop/heaven on earth. Before The Market, we went to a famous Colorado whiskey distillery called Stranahan's that makes the most delicious whiskey you will ever taste. I'm serious, it tastes like caramel, vanilla or an amaretto cookie. I'm not one for straight whiskey or straight anything for that matter but this is the good stuff. We took a tour at the distillery, learned about whiskey and the artisanship that is Stranahan's and had a couple of divine cocktails. 

If you haven't gotten the picture by now I REALLY enjoyed my trip to Denver. It was such a great city. I could see myself living there! It's sunny, hip, cute, has a lot of activities and hiking trails (my favorite) while also maintaining its urban style. If you haven't been, get it on your wish list! I hope to return soon... take a look at my photo diary below!