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Comfy Kimono

I've been on the hunt for a comfy, easy breezy, good lookin' kimono for what seems like FOREVER. Then, I just stumbled upon one at Forever21 yesterday. Sometimes if you are constantly looking online, practically bloodshot because you've stared at the computer screen for so long... it's time to stop searching for said kimono and instead let the kimono come to you. Cheesy I know but this was the case for me, so perhaps it will be the case for you! 

It was such a hot day today in Santa Barbara as well, was wishing I had some shorts on! Shorts?! In January?! Why yes, this is my life. Thank you Santa Barbara for perfectly consistent sunny weather. I will still however, bundle up like it's below freezing even though it probably will only be high 50's when those scarce "cold" winter days arise.

More outfit posts comin' soon! Thanks for reading if you did my dear friends. xxxxx

All photos by Bre Reed

Kimono - Forever21 Top - Madewell (old) similar 
Jeans - Levi's Hat - Free People Jewelry - Dodds and Boshae