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Music Monday: Cathedrals EP

Cathedrals have been on my radar for quite some time. Actually, they were my very first music monday! 

I was notified on RDIO this morning that the lovely duo has finally released their debut EP titled simply, Cathedrals EP. It includes a few already released singles and two new tracks that I had never heard before: "In The Dark" and "OOO AAA." Cathedrals released the last track on their EP "Want My Love" a few months back and everyone was astounded at their surprisingly deep, soulful sound. 

"In The Dark" is a more upbeat, poppy tune that initially made me think of Phantogram, but at further listen, I began to hear the lead singer's sultry voice, which is what makes them sound so unique. "In The Dark" is definitely different than their other tracks. I wasn't expecting such an upbeat track from them, but I must say I do like it! Ironically the track ends it lots of ooo's and aaaaa's and the following track is called "OOO AAA."

This one's more electronic. Lots of synths paired with her vocals and fun clappy beats. "OOO AAA" is a bit slower, but not as slow as "Want My Love." Also sounds like the other band member (Jonny of Cathedrals) makes a vocal debut! He doesn't overpower hers of course, because well, that would be a crime. 

Listen to "OOO AAA" below and purchase their EP now!!

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