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Bottega Louie: My New Home

I'm slightly depressed that Bottega Louie is an hour and 45 minutes away from me because, well, I've declared it as my new home. Why you ask?

To start, when you walk into the restaurant/bakery, you feel as though you've been transported directly into Paris. All you see are piles and towers of vibrant macarons, mouth watering French pastries, adorable fixtures along the walls, high ceilings, and Parisian inspired furniture. I love Paris. I had the amazing opportunity to live and study there for two months and it was really hard for me to come back home at the conclusion of my program. It's such a breathtaking city. There isn't anything quite like it. 

Bottega Louie was the first truly Parisian experience I've had ever since leaving Paris. Although it was an extremely large restaurant, there were so many little Parisian characteristics about it that it really brought me back to my summer months in France. Apart from the food, the furniture and overall interior design was exquisite, but not overdone. The interior is extremely white but has gold fixtures here and there, making it feel bright and open. The restaurant is flooded with guests, as it should be on a Sunday during breakfast time and the waiters/waitresses make you feel so welcome, especially if it's your first visit. 

Maybe I will move to LA just to have this amazing establishment in my backyard...