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Why, yes. I missed music Monday but I do have a pretty good excuse. Monday was my 24th birthday! I am a whole year older and closer to my mid-twenties but definitely don't feel a whole lot different. A lot of people make 'new years' resolutions but I instead like to make birthday resolutions. This is the start of MY new year, right? Yep yep, I think so. 

So, I started by actively writing (physically) in a journal. Bought myself a simple moleskine notebook and have been writing in it the past few days. I hope to keep it up and have something solid to look back at when it's all done and finished. Although I love blogging and I love the internet and anything digital, I do like physically writing. It definitely produces different types of emotions and is more natural, in a sense. I can't just hit the backspace button and erase a thought completely. If I mess up, I tend to cross it off, but that word, that thought, is still there. 

Enough of my ramblings! I am here to tell you how great my 24th birthday was! Had amazing sushi at my favorite spot in Santa Barbara, Arigato then headed to one of my favorite bars, Figueroa Mountain Brew. The photos below were taken by Tad (duh!). Oh and everyone at work threw me a little birthday lunch. Basically it was a day filled with good friends and good food. As a birthday should be.