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Dreamy Beach Bum

The title of this post perfectly describes this photoshoot, the new product on my Etsy shop, KindredLovely and well, this entire day I had with my partner in crime.  

Miss Bre Reed is, duh, my partner in crime. We had a fun time shooting this product for our shop. We took a stroll down my neighborhood to take more photos because it was such a beautiful day out, as it always is in Santa Barbara. Sometimes it's really hard having a full time job here when the weather is absolutely perfect, 24/7.

KL Mashup5.jpg

After our shoot we went to Backyard Bowls, (delicious acai bowls with amazing granola on top) which totally hit the spot since it was about 78 degrees. Then... we went to our favorite coffee shop, French Press to grab a coffee, read a book and chill out on this lovely Sunday. 

This sweater is perfect for someone like me who lives in easy breezy Santa Barbara, where there are essentially no seasons. We get a little beach fog in the morning but, that's about it! 

KL Mashup2.jpg

You can grab this vintage crochet beach bum sweater on our shop here