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Cliffside Adventure

Santa Barbara is a really beautiful place. I take it for granted sometimes, but the other day I decided to soak it all in and go watch the sunset at one of my favorite spots near my apartment, Douglas Family Reserve. 

It's a cliffside dog park that overlooks the gorgeous pacific ocean. Since the sun sets a lot later now (hooray, summer!) we all decided to head there after dinner. 


There was a bit of fog, but beautiful nonetheless. The sunset had shades of pink, purple and periwinkle. I feel like periwinkle is quite common in Santa Barbara sunsets. I notice it all the time. 


This was such a nice time to stop everything and breath. Enjoy everything around me in the environment, enjoy the people I love standing there next to me. We laughed, we were silly, but we were also quiet for a few moments. We needed to stop and really soak in this beauty. Here's to more adventures like these.