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Obsession: Ace & Jig

I love mismatched patterns, thick textiles, and rigid shapes.

How do I get this style fix? Ace & Jig.

The name says it all. Not sure if this is the exact connotation, but here's my take on the name: 

Ace implies something that's good, very good actually. This word to me seems pretty straightforward, there's no room for improvement, but then there is Jig. 

Jig is like, getting jiggy with it. A lively dance that can't and doesn't want to be stopped. These two words together perfectly describe this brand and what their clothing conveys when a woman wears it.

It's put together and the design is very straightforward. When you see one of their pieces, you will know it's Ace & Jig. And it's funky. There's absolutely nothing like it. The quality, the feel and texture of it. If you've felt one of their tops or dresses, you'll know what I mean.


The process in which they make and create their clothes is inspiring. Read all about it here.

I hope to own a piece soon!