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Music Monday: Brynn Elliott

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the lovely Brynn Elliott. I have the pleasure of working with this young lady and let me tell ya, she is such a treat! 

She is an up and coming singer/songwriter who writes beautiful music from the heart & soul (truly). Brynn released two EP's, the first one being called Notions of Love and the second one, Notions of Youth

They are both on repeat at work, my apartment, in the car, etc. I hardly come across pure, raw talent like this and it's amazing that I get to work with her daily. She is one of our clients at Oniracom so I have been with her through her musical journey since day 1 via social media and the interwebs. 

My favorite track, Wildwood is on her most recent EP Notions of Youth. Take a listen on Rdio or download it on iTunes now!