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Weekend Trip: Portland

"Keep Portland Weird." I spotted that saying on a bumper sticker while I was in Portland, OR this weekend and it made me smile. 

Portland is definitely weird, but for all the right reasons. It's different, unique, and full of sweet people that brew even sweeter coffee. I of course hit up Stumptown Coffee (twice) and also another lovely coffee shop called Water Avenue Coffee that was equally as hip and tasty.

I was visiting one of my good friends who also happens to be a fabulous tour guide. From vintage shopping, to Mt. Tabor, to the Farmer's Market at Portland State University, we really did it all! I even got a little Portland rain during the very end of my trip.

Portland is a beautiful and interesting place. With the amazing food, endless greenery, and cute little craftsman style houses, it's definitely worth a visit. I hope I can make my way back soon, it truly was a pleasure!