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Music Monday: Cathedrals

I am an account manager at a digital marketing agency primarily focused in the music and entertainment industry and I used to be a programmer on KCSB 91.9FM, so I'm pretty into music and I love, love LOVE discovering new music and I love sharing it with my friends even more. 

Came across the tune 'Harlem' somehow this morning on the Internet and wanted to share it immediately. So, (if I can hopefully keep up with it) I'd love to start a series called Music Mondays where I share some music I'm listening to, whether it be new or old. 

'Harlem' is a really catchy tune with pretty female vocals. Right now they have two singles out, 'Harlem' and 'Unbound.' And hey, they are California natives, from San Francisco so I am hoping they will come out with a full length album really soon and I can catch this duo live.