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Office Space Part I

I work at one of the most creative offices in California. It's open, bright and there's tons of funky art all over the walls and even the floors. Literally every corner you turn there's something interesting. We have an artist who fixes & spruces up the inside of our office frequently, but today I'm going show you a bit of what's outside of the lovely place I work, Oniracom.

Our landlord is a junk artist, which sounds a bit strange at first, but trust me he is brilliant. His name's Bill and he calls his space The Loft. His gallery and home are right next to our office. It's fun to always take a peek inside his gallery from time to time because he's always working on new projects, but the outside is of course also extraordinary.


He uses anything to make art. The way he combines different types of materials certainly doesn't classify his art as junk. His pieces are beautiful, creative and inspiring. I'm so grateful to work in such an amazing office. Brings a smile to my face every time I walk in! 

Stay tuned for part II my friends...