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Value Of A Moment

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"
- Dr. Seuss

This. This statement by Dr. Seuss is so very true, and it's something that I was trying to focus on this weekend as I was camping with my good ol' pops and boyfriend. 

I have to admit, although I love my adventures, I have never been one for camping. Now, I can sort of get myself to do it if there are proper amenities because I do love the outdoors, but I find it very hard to sleep at night since I'm pretty much cold-blooded. I am ALWAYS cold. There's a reason why I was born in California!

With this being said though, my dad and boyfriend LOVE camping. They love every aspect of it. Putting up the tents, getting the fire ready, and even being uncomfortable at times. It's a part of the experience, so this weekend I decided to "rough" it with them. Wasn't too rough since we were in a cozy little camper and had some amenities at the state beach we were staying at ;). 

We only stayed for one night, but it was so much fun. We grilled up some good food, ate s'mores, sat by the fire, played cards, and just chatted. Time seemed to go by slow, which allowed me to take in every moment. I wanted to enjoy my time fully and take the whole experience in, so I found this Dr. Seuss quote very fitting. Sometimes we are all moving so fast that we don't take the chance to immerse ourselves in the moment and therefore, we enjoy its value at a later moment. Then, it becomes only a memory. We can't have that exact moment back. I wanted this weekend to be different since my dad and boyfriend enjoy camping so much. I wanted to be as much involved as they were. 

Needless to say... we had a blast together.