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Muuusic Monday: SPZRKT

Ok, I'll admit I immediately judged this band as soon as I saw their name. SPZRKT? Looks a little similar to SBTRKT and quite frankly I am tired of the whole "losing vowels" thing. I get it, I get it... you want to get yourself noticed on search engines and what not, but maybe that just means you need a more unique name overall?

Well, my rant aside, after listening to their debut album, Bonfire my judgements no longer existed.

The whole album is really fun. Beginning with a hip shaker, "Share the World" then moves along to some ballads that really show off the dude's vocals.

"Bonfire" is definitely the stand out track. Heading into the chorus, his voice paired with those strong lyrics gives me the chills. Excited to see SPZRKT go far. Can't stop listening! 

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