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Video Stills - Douglas Family Preserve

Had a fun time shooting a video yesterday at the beautiful Douglas Family Preserve. It's amazing that this dog friendly gorgeous park is pretty much right in my backyard! I live on the Mesa in Santa Barbara, so it's just down the road from me. 

It was a great place to film. It's the most picturesque scenery out there. And man, the sunsets! I filmed there around 3PM so I was a little early for the sunset, but it's still gorgeous nonetheless. The preserve is vast, so if I'm ever needing some time to myself, it's the perfect place. Overlooking Hendry's Beach with the mountain landscape behind you... ah, some peace and quiet.

Wearing - 
Dress, Top & Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Brandy Melville, Necklace: Dodds and Boshae, Sunglasses: Anthropologie