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New Music Tuesday!

Today, is an exciting day. Why you ask? The new Broods album is finally out, that's why! I've been entranced by this sibling duo ever since I heard the extremely addicting "Bridges." I still love blasting it while in the car, at work, at home, anywhere really. Not sick of it quite yet! 

Evergreen is gracing my ears as I type. It's such a lovely album. The twins from New Zealand really really delivered! 

Thankfully, the album is slightly different to their Never Gonna Change EP. There's only 2 tracks from that EP, and the rest are catchy electronic songs with Georgia Nott's signature mysterious voice in the foreground. I still can't believe these two are only 19. Mind. Blowing. 

Pretty bummed I missed them in LA last night, but I'm sure these two will be on tour again soon enough. They have to, Evergreen is just so good! They need to share it with the world more than once. If you haven't listened yet I highly recommend it.