The Botanical Boy Episode 16: Peace Lily

And now, the noble Peace Lily marks the end of the Botanical Boy series. You are probably wondering, why the Peace Lily? Well, she was our very first house plant. We've had her for about 3 years now, and most certainly intend to keep her forever! 

She used to flower, but in her old age she's stopped even after we have repotted and resoiled her. If any of you have any tips for getting the lovely Peace Lily to flower again, please leave suggestions in the comments! 

She's still a beautiful little thing, and sits in our bedroom in a direct line of sight from our bed. She deserves that throne. 

CM: Ah, the peace lily, Our little first born. How's she doing?

BB: She has definitely seen better days. She is the evidence of my learning to care for plants. She got a bunch of brown tips on the leaves back in the day. She never flowers. But we still love here all the same.

CM: Do you think she hasn't flowered because of old age?

BB: I'm honestly not sure. Maybe a lack of fertilizer and light. Someone help me.

CM: How long do you think we can keep her for? I hope forever.

BB: She will definitely out live us.

CM: Will she always be your #1 lady? 

BB: She is the OG. Of course.

The Botanical Boy Episode 15: The Fern and Polka Dot Plant

Grouping these two together because... they are our two hanging plants that hang above our bed! It's like they're two peas in a pod, really. Special little friends we call them. 

The hanging plants don't get too much light, though. So we've been struggling with keeping some of these alive. Jamie will tell you more! Also, tomorrow is the last episode of the Botanical Boy series. Can you believe it? Me neither. 


CM: This guy could totally be made into a wig, don't you think?

BB: He does just fine as a plant.

CM: Why did you want to hang this one?

BB:  Likely because something else that was hanging died, and so I bought the fern and put it in there. These pots really are cursed.

CM: Are you afraid it will fall on your face?

BB: I try not to think about it.


CM: Is this plant a form of ivy? Looks like it to me!

BB: Nope, not an ivy.

CM: What gives it the lovely pink polka dots? 

BB: I'm not sure, but apparently to keep the leaves pink you need to give it a lot of light. This may be where mine is having trouble.

CM: Why did you want to hang this one?

BB: It was already grown to hang. The long section almost touches my face as I sleep. This could cause issues in the future.

The Botanical Boy Episode 14: Elephant's Ear

Elephant's Ear! What a cute name. I love this plant. I was sad when we initially got it because it started wilting fast, but the Botanical Boy came to the rescue! He repotted the guy and now he is ever so cheery.

CM: I love this plant. Tell me your favorite thing about him.

BB: He is a good listener and he never forgets what you tell him. *sarcastic symbol*

CM: Why is he in the bathroom? Does it do well with humidity?

BB: He craves the high humidity so the bathroom is a good spot for him. He wasn't doing great after I bought him, but I realized he was completely root bound. Repotted him and now he is ripped as fuck.

CM: What's one interesting fact you found out about this plant while researching it?

BB: Found out these are the guys that produce taro root. Who knew?

The Botanical Boy Episode 13: Spider Plant

The Botanical Boy wanted a spider plant. So today, he got a spider plant. Welcoming this new guy to the crew this evening with this gorgeous golden hour light shining through our bathroom. 

I asked Jamie to tell me a little story about the spider plant and why he chose it today at the nursery, and he said "I just knew I wanted a spider plant." Not so exciting, but at least the man knows what he wants. Gotta love a man who makes a decision.

The Botanical Boy Episode 12: Devil's Ivy

The Botanical Boy sure was devilish today. So devilish and grumpy that I had him pose next to the Devil's ivy. Wondering what its Latin name is? Pothos. Neon pothos, more specifically. Yes, according to Jamie this plant belongs in raves. It practically glows in the dark. 

CM: This plant is so neon! Is that what drew you to it?

BB: Yes. It belongs at a rave.

CM: Why is it placed on the bookshelf?

BB: Kept trying to play trance on the Sonos when I had it other places.

CM: Funny. Do you think the devil's ivy likes reading devilish books, like Sex at Dawn?

BB: Shite question.

CM: Wow, RUDE. Is your goal to get it to spill onto the floor?

BB: That's the only way to reach true enlightenment.

The Botanical Boy Episode 11: Echinopsis terscheckii

Yeah, Echinopsis terscheckii. Don't even get me started on pronouncing it... I really have no idea how. In normal terms, this plant is also commonly known as the cardon grande cactus, and is a native plant to South America. Who knew!

CM: Ok tell me the truth. Cactus or Succulent? Choose one.

BB: Cactus

CM: What drew you to this particular cactus?

BB: I can't even remember buying it.

CM: I know you have a love for cacti, does that mean you have a love for the desert, too?

BB: My love for the desert comes naturally, given my Scottish heritage.

CM: If so, what is it about the desert landscape you love?

BB: I really love a good mirage.


The Botanical Boy Episode 10: Corn Plant

WOW. We are on to episode 10. Crazy. I don't even feel like we are halfway done to be honest. 

Well, seeing as how I missed yesterday (whoops, it was inevitable) that means you get a GIF / mini movie of Jamie's moves today to the one and only Corn Plant. 

CM: Did this plant just make you wanna bust a move?

BB: This guy is a personal favorite. Worthy of some moves.

CM: Was it this big when we bought it? I can't remember. I feel like it's growing a lot. 

BB: The accumulation of plants blends in to one at this point.

CM: It's very lively and green. What's your secret?

BB: Seems to be nice level of light for this guy by the bedroom window. Nice and bright but not direct.